7 Common Marital Problems That Often Cause Divorce

Do you find yourself unhappy no matter what your spouse does? Would you rather be anywhere in the world than be with your spouse? Being in a relationship is something that can bring happiness but with the stress of everyday life, you may forget to put forth effort into your relationship.

When you stop caring about how things turn out with your spouse, your relationship might be leading to a divorce. You need to re-evaluate how you really feel about your relationship and discuss it with your spouse. It is common for married people to, at some point in their lives, to face the same marital issues that other married couples face. There could be times where you have wanted to run to the courthouse and scream out “I want a divorce now!” but there is always a way to get through any problem that you may have had, even if you need marital therapy.

Common Marital Problems that Couples Face


This is what couples argue about the most. Those bills, debt, and other financial issues are always what everybody stresses about.

7 Common Marital Problems That Often Cause Divorce


Some parents argue on how to raise their child, including parenting skills, how they should eat, or how to should be disciplined.


Some people don’t think that sex could be a leading cause to divorce but it can happen. The frequency and quality of the sex could make a spouse feel rejected and resentful. This leads to emotional disconnect.

7 Common Marital Problems That Often Cause Divorce

Time Apart

Sometimes when you are spending time with someone else more than your spouse, it might make them feel lonely in the marriage and that could lead them to yearn for affection.

Household Responsibilities

Many couples often argue about how they should split up chores or how one person doesn’t help as much. Adults are big enough to do any chore without having to find someone else to do it.


You could be split between wanting to hang out with your friends and having to spend family time. Even though this is the case, don’t let your friends come between you and your family and choose your friends wisely.

Addiction and Drug Issues

Drug and Alcohol Abuse is a bad addiction that you can’t break alone, that would be devastating to your spouse, which could make you undesirable.

7 Common Marital Problems That Often Cause Divorce

There could be many reasons that your marriage is going downhill and there is always a way to solve them. Sometimes marital therapy is the answer to all your problems if you can’t figure out a way to resolve the conflict. If you value your relationship, please check out Depression and Relationship Counseling Service. Call (519) 253-1519.