8 Secrets to a Long Lasting Relationship

Relationships change,and it’s a hard truth that many couples have trouble accepting. But if you learn how to adjust to the changes that happens by using great relationship advice for women, you can easily have a long lasting relationship that is full of love and most of all, happiness.

1. Stop trying to be one in the same. Many couples think that their soul mate is suppose to think like them, and do all of the same things. Thinking like this does nothing but cause problems within the relationship. A good relationship is about accepting and sailing through differences between you. Whether it be politics, how to raise the children, money or food, it’s all about compromise and acceptance.

2. Understand that your partner isn’t perfect. That little thing called “forgiveness,” is one of the most important things that a relationship should consist of. Most relationship advice for women include understanding that your partner isn’t fallible, and that they shouldn’t be expected to be everything you need, and or everything you aren’t, can create a sense of peace within your relationship. There will be mistakes made, forgiving the small stuff. This will allow you to forgive the bigger transgression if they were to ever happen.

3. Sex Changes, but still make the effort. Regardless to what many people say, sex is a very important part of a relationship. But most people get sex misconstrued. It’s less about the action and more about the intimacy. There will come a time when sex changes, but that doesn’t mean stop trying. Learn new things together, figure out a way to keep that closeness. That is a bond that connect the two of you spiritually.

4. Don’t talk so much, Listen more. Sometimes we can find ourselves talking more than we listen, in turn not hearing anything our partner is saying. It’s important that you take in the things your partner is saying because it will let them know that you feel that what they are saying is of importance.

5. Laugh together. Although we have life issues, and some things shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s important that you put those things to the side a few times a day and laugh with your significant other. Laughter is the remedy for everything, including an unhappy relationship. Learning to laugh more releases tensions, and helps open you up to conversations.

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6. Don’t be Afraid to Spend Time Away From the kids. Many couples who are parents tend to forget the importance of spending quality time with each other. Relationship services tend to tell couples that taking care of children can be a daunting and draining job. And there comes a time when taking a time out can help recharge your batteries. Don’t be afraid to drop the kids off at grandma’s once in a while to spend a little time with one another. Use that time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s presence.

7. Time alone is good. You don’t have to be under each other 24 hours a day. Its healthy to spend a little time alone, without each other. You have to learn to develop a relationship with yourself so that you can build a better relationship with your partner.

8. Stop Invading privacy. Snooping is the worst thing you can do if you have no reason to do so. Stop going through each others personal space looking for something negative to start a fight over. Trust is the one thing that has to be in the mix for a relationship to work.

Depression and a unhealthy relationship can go hand in hand. If you are dealing with a relationship that isn’t thriving the way it should, and you need a push in the right direction, contact us at Depression & Relationship Counselling Services. Our relationship services are here to help get your relationship back healthy, and you back happy.