Anger’s Destructive Effects on Body and Mind

Anger's Destructive Effects on Body and Mind

Sometimes we get angry and realize later we didn’t have very good reasons for our reaction. Anger, left unmanaged, can become a toxic emotion that destroys relationships. When we are in a state of anger, we may unintentionally say unpleasant things that hurt feelings, especially among our loved ones. If we allow our anger get the better of us, it can result in poor choices and/or violence. When we “see red,” it is important to get a handle on that emotion before we strike out or hurt others.

Regular episodes of anger can be unhealthy. Various studies show anger can wreak havoc on the body and mind. If you find yourself experiencing uncontrollable anger, seek help. It can lead to unfortunate personal consequences, too:

Doubles the Chance of Heart Attack

Anger's Destructive Effects on Body and Mind

Unhealthy outbursts of anger can put your heart in danger. Anger is a strong emotion that affects cardiovascular health. The lack of ability to control anger is correlated with heart attack risk.

Affects the Brain

When you are in the state of anger, cortisol levels increase. Elevated levels of cortisol can result in loss of neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This change can prevent an angry person from using proper judgment. Additionally, cortisol increases can kill neurons in the hippocampus, resulting in short term memory problems. High cortisol levels can ultimately reduce the production of serotonin, a hormone that helps people experience happiness. Lowered serotonin levels can cause depression.

Weakens the Immune System

Anger's Destructive Effects on Body and Mind

Angry people are more prone to sickness because anger can affect the immune system. Harvard University researchers studied healthy people who, when recalling an angry moment, experienced a six hour, steep drop in the levels of antibody immunoglobulin A.

If you have difficulty dealing with anger, talking to a therapist can help. Learning coping strategies to alleviate negative emotions can change a life for the better. Contact Wendy Limarzi at (519) 253-1519 for caring counselling services.