CBT and How It Can Save Your Most Precious Relationship

Cognitive behavioral therapy otherwise known for its abbreviation (CBT) is “a short-term, goal–oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on practical approach to problem-solving.” Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel. This type of therapy was originally designed to treat depression but is now used for a number of mental illnesses. It is a kind of therapy that combines basic behavioral and cognitive principles. It applies the principles of psychological counseling that is problem-focused. It focuses on specific behavioral problem areas and design to treat it with a specific approach of psychological counseling that is in line with proven and tested methods in psychology.

CBT and How It Can Save Your Most Precious Relationship

CBT uses a psychoanalytical approach which is far more different form the traditional style where the relationship counselor would look into the deeper meaning behind the behaviors and then treat the patient. Relationship counselors believe that disorders such as depression have to do with the relationship between a feared stimulus and a form of defense mechanism or avoidance response which results in a conditioned fear. Thus, it is recommended for a person suffering from behavioral issues to find a therapist and seek professional help.

Now, how can cognitive behavioral therapy through psychological counseling with a trusted relationship counselor save your relationship that is heading to divorce?

If you undergo psychological counseling through a relationship counselor, you will be enlightened on how to deal with your relationship issues accordingly. Let’s face the fact that not all couples have the necessary skills to work things out even with their best intentions at hand. There are differences in views, principles and lifestyle that may seem irreconcilable to some couples but are just considered bumpy rides that you might just have to pass through as a part of the development process according to some experts.

CBT and How It Can Save Your Most Precious Relationship

When should you consider having to find a therapist?

When you feel that you and your partner have the same problems coming over and over again. When you notice that you are constantly fighting and nothing seems to get resolved. When small disagreements about trivial things would escalate and become major issues. When you feel that you and your partner has given up on communicating with each other but your heart is telling you that you still want to work things out. When worrying about your relationship heading to permanent separation. When you want to break free of the painful patterns of relating and you want to have a smooth and loving relationship. In the above mentioned instances, it is deemed recommended that you find a therapist.

The road towards a great and mature relationship is not always smooth and easy. For sure, anyone would agree with me when I say that you will surely pass through some bumps along the way. There are ups and downs. Good times and bad. Couples who are able to survive a rocky relationship would tend to develop a very strong and intimate bond. On the other hand, when couples fail to overcome difficult times, when they are unable or unwilling to reconcile their differences, the relationship will start to turn sour, it becomes stagnant. As a result, frustration and anger builds up. The feeling of resentment will more likely increase. When you are at this point in your life, you might wonder what went wrong and what brought you to such misery. You might ask yourself why all of a sudden you had a change of heart. It is indeed painful to realize that your relationship did not turn out well.

If you happen to have these questions in mind, find a therapist. With the help of your relationship counselor and applying the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, you might be able to save, renew and keep the fire burning in your relationship.