Dealing With Parenting On Your Own

Being a single parent can be a very challenging and rewarding task. Raising a child is by far the most important thing that another human can do. Any parent wants to do what is best by their children, and they want their children to be happy and successful. Even if a family does have both parents there are challenging moments that can arise, but there are many issues that a single parent has to deal with that a two parent family does not. Single parents have to juggle the following things: being mom and dad, financial issues, and loneliness.

Playing Mom And Dad

Dealing With Parenting On Your Own

Single parents can do an amazing job at raising their children. At the same time, raising children with just one parent is not ideal. Children feel the need for both a mother and a father in their lives, and a single parent has to find the best way to fulfill their child’s need for the other parent. It is impossible to be two people, so a single parent has to be able to find a good balance in the way that they discipline and teach their children.

A single parent has to recognize that their child may behave in certain ways because they miss the other parent. They should be fair with their discipline and they should not be prone to being frustrated with their child; they have to realize that their child is dealing with a lot of emotions as well. These feelings can present themselves early in some children, or they can present themselves in the teenage years.

Some single parents tend to overcompensate for the missing parent by trying to give their child all that they want. That is not a wise decision, because that will only make the child spoiled and selfish. Children from a single parent home do not need more materially, but rather, they need more emotionally. They need to be shown love and consistency in their lives. Make sure that the child has another adult of the opposite sex around; that adult could be an uncle or a grandfather. When a child feels like they are loved and cared for, then they will feel safe and stable.

Dealing With Finances

It can be difficult to deal with finances in a single parent home. There are many parents that do not get child support from the other parent of the child and they have to find a way to make one paycheck stretch. It may not be possible for some single parents to make their check stretch that far. When there is not other way, it is a good idea for a single parent to look for government financial aid. They can apply for food stamps, and they can also apply for help with housing.

Other single parents may not want to bother the other parent for child support because of hurt feelings or pride. There is no reason to let those issues come into play; each parent has the responsibility to take care of their child financially. If a responsible parent is not paying their child support, then court may be the only other option.

Dealing With Parenting On Your Own

Feelings of Loneliness

Being a single parent can be lonely at times. A single parent may long for adult companionship. They may choose to not remarry while the child is young for the sake of their child and their well being. That is a very noble approach, but at the same time a single parent does need to have emotional support. They may have feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and sadness. If family members and friends are not enough, then it is a good idea to seek professional help. Wendy Limarzi offers depression and relationship counseling services for families. She is a specialist in working with single parent families and she is only a phone call away. If family members need further help to deal with their emotions please call(519)253-1519 to set up an appointment.