Does Your Divorce Depression Require Counselling?

Divorce is probably one of the most traumatic events anyone can go through in their life. No one goes into their marriage thinking that one day they’ll be divorced. When anyone gets married it’s because they imagine that life with their partner will be a wonderful and beautiful time that will continue endlessly. Life isn’t that simple. A divorce happens for many reasons, probably more than one reason. It’s what happens after a divorce that can become concerning.


Unfortunately divorces are usually not simple and rarely agreeable. When you realize that your life has changed, it can really bring on divorce depression. Depression is serious and whether you’re going through it or seeing a friend go through it, you need to act on it. If you notice changes in your daily patterns that are affecting your life in a negative way, you need help. Divorce can affect every part of your life, especially if you have children involved. There is nothing harder than having to split your time with your children. A whole new understanding of how to live your life is necessary to move forward. Divorce counselling is an important tool to help you gain a better understanding of how you are feeling.


A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Couples Counselling

Talking is one of the best ways to get insight into yourself. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that your depression is directly related to a divorce. Divorce counselling can help you understand what happened within yourself that brought you to feeling depressed. You can start to unlock parts of yourself. Society puts a lot of emphasis on being with someone, but divorce counselling can teach you how to be OK on your own. Some couples may both decide to do divorce counselling to learn how to move forward as responsible co-parents. Some couples may both be dealing with similar feelings of divorce depression and may opt to receive counselling together. Depression doesn’t go away on its own.

At Depression and Relationship Counseling Services, we can offer the services necessary to help you learn the skills in surviving divorce depression.