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 Frequently asked counselling Questions

Overcoming an affair, can this marriage be saved?

What do I do if I hold too much anger?

What does it mean when I hear ‘I love you, but I’m not in love with you’?

Why is my marriage, great when it’s great, and bad when it’s bad?

Sexual difficulties and lack of desire. Is it normal to not care about or want sex?

How can I get my partner to communicate,  listen to me and resolve conflict productively?

How do my partner and I approach a disagreement without it turning into a horrible argument?

How do I know if my drinking is a problem?

How do I know if I’m depressed, anxious or just sad?

How do I deal with the side effects of drug treatments for anxiety, depression and sleep disorders?

How do I deal with a spouse who has mental health issues?

How do I get my kids to respect me?