Who Knew Having a Child Manifests Major Marital Stress?

Many couples who get married plan to have children. As wonderful as birth and adoption can be, having a child can put a significant amount of pressure on a family and lead to problems. The challenges of parenthood can be handled better with guidance and counselling so that your partnership remains intact.

Understand the Cause

It is easy for a couple to say, “Things were easier before the baby.” Babies bring both stress and joy. Understanding the unique pressure you are experiencing with new responsibilities, unforeseen challenges, and lack of sleep can help reduce that stress. Pressures come in many forms and being aware of them may reduce their negative effects. New financial responsibilities, constraints on work, and limited social life are big adjustments for new families. Postpartum depression can also be a huge obstacle to overcome as a team. Acknowledging your feelings and learning how to be patient with yourselves (and each other) are keys to maintaining a healthy relationship.

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Be Compassionate

Things get more comfortable after you’ve adapted to having a new family member. Over time, you will build routines, only to change them again as you face new parenting challenges. If either partner needs to vent, try not to take it personally. Lean on each other and remember that you’re in this together. If your spouse says something that truly bothers you, be open and address it in a direct and kind way. By developing good partnership skills early in your child’s life, you’ll be able to handle new challenges as they arise.

Who Knew Having a Child Manifests Major Marital Stress?

Be Willing to Get Help

Many people internalize their feelings, ignore problems, or assume they’ll go away on their own — having a baby is challenging and there’s no shame in benefitting from the knowledge of counsellors who provide tools to handle frustrations. Allow yourself to open up and address problems without causing hurtful feelings that devastate a relationship. Contact Depression and Relationship Counselling Services today and build a solid foundation for your family. Call us at (519) 253-1519.