How pre-marital counselling can save your marriage

With divorce rates on the rise, the best thing you can do to save your marriage before it starts, is to seek pre marital counselling. Pre marital counselling helps couples prepare for marriage and set realistic expectations for the future. It helps ensure that you and your partner build a strong, healthy relationship. To start building the foundation for a healthy marriage contact Wendy Limarzi- Canadian based Depression and Relationship services at (519)253-1519.

Here are some ways that pre marital counselling can save your marriage before it starts:

1) Marital therapy allows you and your partner to put any issues you may have out in open. It is important to discuss issues that most couples often fight about, which often leads to divorce or separation. It helps you address hot issues before they arise, and with the help of the counselor, come to an agreement about these issues before walking down the aisle. Some of the marital problems that might arise are: starting a family, dealing with the interference of the in-laws, and dealing with anger and stressful situations. With the help of the counselor make a plan-of-action before the little problems turn into much bigger issues.

2) Marital counseling helps build communication skills, which are essential for building a lasting relationship. When a couple gives up and the lines of communication closes,the marriage risks falling apart. In marital therapy you will learn to communicate effectively, learn to hold back when necessary and when to speak with honesty. A marriage that has open lines of communication and expressions of love are those that tend to withstand the test of time.

3) During your therapy sessions, you and your spouse get to learn new things about each other. These topics may be things that wouldn’t normally come up in a conversation such as, past experiences, sex and expectations. If your partner was in an abusive relationship, they be reluctant to share this information. But with the help of a counselor they can learn to cope with this experience and share their feelings about it with you. Both you and your partner can discuss what you want to get out marriage and set realistic expectations about your future, and come to an agreement about what each of you will contribute to the marriage.

4) Many couples enter into a marriage in debt, this could be the result of financing a wedding that they couldn’t afford or debt caused by outstanding loans and balances on your part or your partners. Financial issues can cause marital problems and destroy some of the healthiest relationships. looking at each others finances can help you and your spouse set a budget and deal with these issues as they arise.

A Guy’s Guide to Surviving Couples Counselling

5) Divorce prevention is one of the most important reasons to seek counselling. Studies show that couples who attend counselling are 30 percent less likely to think about divorce as an option. The risk of divorce is decreased by 20 percent, increasing the likelihood of happiness. Couples who seek counselling have an 80 percent chance of their marriage surviving.

According to Psychology Today, studies suggest that couples who choose to receive counselling have lower divorce rates than those who don’t. When a relationship fails some people tend to suffer from depression as a result, for more information on coping with depression after a divorce, separation or depression in general, call Wendy Limarzi at (519)253-1519. Save your marriage before it starts and seek counselling that will help you better communicate your needs, expectations and fears with your partner.