How to Tame Your Anger

Anger is a normal reaction. Everyone has felt it from that little annoyance to real rage. It is not a bad thing as long as it is controlled. When angry, it is essential to handle it in a positive way to prevent it from taking control over your life and relationships.

To keep your anger under control, here are some anger management tips to keep in mind:

How to Tame Your Anger

· Calm down before you speak. Avoid speaking anything while you are fuming as you may say something that you don’t mean. Wait for a few minutes as you collect your thoughts and evaluate the situation. You might want to count to ten before speaking. Only open your mouth once you are completely calm. You can express your anger in a non-confrontational way. Express your concerns without trying to control or hurt anyone.

· Solve problems. Anger is sometimes caused by real problems in your life and it is a normal reaction to these situations. Instead of losing your temper because of life’s difficulties, focus your efforts towards handling and solving these issues. Remember that being angry won’t resolve any problem.

· Use humor. Use silly humor to diffuse your anger. It can help you get a new perspective on the things that make you angry. A good laugh makes you face the real reason you’re fuming without being too serious. Avoid being sarcastic though as this might add more problems.

How to Tame Your Anger· Exercise. Regular physical activity can help improve one’s mood and reduce stress. If you feel like you are becoming too angry, go out for a quick walk or run to feel better. You can also opt for other fun physical activities, like swimming or soccer.

· Relax. Learn simple relaxation skills, such as deep breathing, listening to music or chanting mantras. These relaxation tools can calm down your anger. Use these when you are having angry feelings. It is essential to practice relaxation techniques regularly and use them in tense situations.