Lack of Sexual Intimacy: How It Affects a Marriage


Lack of Sexual Intimacy2

Intimacy is an important factor in a marriage. However, over time a number of of married couples find themselves having issues with intimacy. Often, couples who have been married for years lose interest in sex or fall into a routine. Lack of intimacy can result in a sexless marriage, which can lead to serious marital problems.

Humans are sexual beings, and sex is an important factor in a romantic relationship and partnership. Sex establishes intimacy and connection in a marriage. Unfortunately, without making an effort to maintain a healthy sex life, many couples lose desire and passion for each other. Lack of sexual intimacy can result in the dissolution of the relationship.

Finding the Time

In today’s busy world, couples (especially ones with children and family commitments) have difficulty finding time for each other. Stress is also a factor that also contributes to lack of intimacy. A sexless marriage can be frustrating for men and women alike. It might increase anxiety and insecurity, which, over time, can affect self-confidence.

Lack of Sexual Intimacy


The love between two partners is often expressed physically. Sexual intimacy can feel like a soul mingling experience, establishing a closeness unlike that found in platonic relationships. If sexual intimacy is removed from a marriage, some couples may begin to resent each other.

Drifting apart

Lack of intimacy can create emotional distance, with potentially devastating effects. Although spouses sleep in the same room, they may begin to feel as if they are merely roommates. Sexual intimacy establishes and secures both physical and emotional closeness.

Lack of Sexual Intimacy2

If you and your spouse think that your marriage is suffering from a lack of sexual intimacy, seek help from a relationship therapist with couples counselling experience. Call Wendy Limarzi’s Depression and Relationship Counselling Service today at (519) 253-1519.