Affair Counselling in Windsor by Wendy Limarzi

Betrayals between couples are one of the most painful experiences.  Affairs can damage a relationship so badly that it may seem that there is unfixable. However, there is still hope. Couples’ who find themselves in this situation yet cannot end the relationship due to certain circumstances, may wonder if their relationship is strong enough to handle this crisis. I have been providing services like affair counselling (divorce prevention) to couples in Windsor for 14 years. Affairs and betrayals definitely destroy the trust of a person, but if there is a strong foundation and the love is there you can get the trust back.

Both partners usually undergo counselling, even if only for a few sessions if you want the highest degree of success. Counselling sessions such as this requires professional knowledge and an ineffective therapist may make the situation worse. The ability to present the right perspective, ask the right questions, offer the right solutions, and even have the right listening skills to understand and present the facts is very difficult to have. So when looking for a professional in affair counselling, the need to look for the most competent and support therapist is a phone call away.

For some couples, the issue at hand may include sexual frustrations of one or both parties. As such the need for sexual therapy may arise. This prompted me to expand further, and I completed the Intensive Sex Therapy Training Course at the University of Guelph, which not all therapists are trained in. If this sounds like you and your spouse please visit my Sex Therapy Services Page.

If you would like to contact me my # is (519) 253-1519.