Offering Children Counselling in Windsor

When your children reach a certain age where they begin to ask questions about your home situation, your marriage or divorce or co-parenting concerns or any issue that may trouble them, they will need a concerned professional to talk to and explain things in ways that they would understand. Sometimes, a parent’s explanation may not be enough. Not all parents are trained or comfortable in delicate psychological matters.

When parents separate and file for a divorce, the children will be forced to be in a situation that they do not have much control of. And when this happens, the child or children will either have a hard time understanding things or coping with this sudden change in the family. There are some kids that would completely be able to make the necessary adjustments, while there are some children who are not able to deal with the fact that their parents no longer live together. This percentage is more likely to develop low self-esteem and have a tendency to believe that people cannot be trusted. This is the reason why parents need make sure that they will get their kids all the help that they need.

Having a degree in psychology from the University of Windsor, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the Wilfred Laurier University, I can guarantee a more thorough type of counselling to be able to reach out and relate more with these children. I specialize in couple and family issues to help your kids cope with your situation a whole lot better and easier.

I also deal with all issue relating to adolescents and teenagers. A lot of parents mistakenly believe their teens wont enjoy counselling. But, actually, most teens very much enjoy having someone unbiased to talk to. Someone they know they can fully trust.

Aside from children counselling, Windsor residents can rely on me for other personal concerns such as stress management, anger management, alcohol and drug treatments, post-traumatic stress disorder, trust recovery, divorce prevention, post-partum depression and bipolar disorder and even coping with the loss of family members and other loved ones.

Contacting me today

 In case you need to contact my office for children counselling at 1500 Ouellette Ave. Suite #404, Windsor,you can call +1 519-253-1519, send us a fax at +1 519-253-4407 or visit my website at to find out more about the services that I can offer aside from child related counselling and assistance. If you have further inquiries, feel free to send me an email at I will be more than glad to help you and your children improve your relationship and get over any difficulties you may be experiencing.