Depression Counselling in Windsor from Wendy Limarzi

Depression can really affect a person’s everyday life. When you or a person you know is depressed, you will notice that not only will feelings of loneliness and helplessness take over, but you will also start to detach yourself from others and the rest of the world. Depression can be caused by different factors, some of which are loss of a loved one, a very traumatic experience, personal problems and genetics. Even taking certain medications (like B.C pills) and having health problems like controlled diabetes or menopause can trigger depression and unhappiness.

But if there is one thing that is positive about this situation, it would be the fact that depression can be treated and can be overcome with the right type of help. This is the reason why you should not let depression control your life, nor should you decide not to seek counselling and even therapy.

If you need help with depression, my comprehensive system will pinpoint the source of depression and assist you in finding the best way to get over these negative feelings. You will also be able to understand that your depression can be triggered by several factors. For instance, trying to overcome an affair, partner abuse, sexual assault, or chronically bad sleep patterns.

Windsor Based Depression and Relationship Counselling Services

At Depression and Relationship Counselling Services, I am dedicated at counselling, support and education for people who are going through tough times. If you need help with depression or anxiety which commonly occurs with depression, I offer a comprehensive system which includes counselling sessions, treatments and healing methods to overcome feelings of distress and unhappiness.

I also offer more than just assistance in assessing and treating depression for Windsor residents. You can also seek help with regard to dealing with sleep disorders, learning disabilities in both kids and adults, parenting issues and getting over your anger and stress.

I graduated from the University of Windsor with a degree in Psychology with Honours. I also took and finished my Master’s degree in Social Work from Wilfred Laurier University. My credentials make me an authority in the field of couple and family counselling and stress management among many others.

Contacting me today

Are you looking for the right person to help you get past your depression? Depression and Relationship Counselling Services offers services to clients who live near and around the Windsor area. You can visit my main office at 1500 Ouellette Ave. Suite #404, Windsor, Ontario. If you need to simply talk to someone who cares, you may also call this number: +1 519-253-1519 or send me a message through

Depression can be treated, so do not hesitate to ask me about how I can help you.