Why Would I Need Marriage Counselling?

Marriages have always been the most joyful occasions that we celebrate today. But why is it that so many marriages fall apart? When two personalities with different backgrounds, and different brains try to become one, problems are sure to arise. Males and females are wired very differently and most couples spend so much time trying to get their partner to “understand their point of view” when what would be more productive is learning to accept each other’s uniqueness and learning to agree to disagree. Not doing that leads to small things turning into big things and constant misunderstandings, frustration and defensiveness with each other which then further enlarges into bigger things. When it comes to your marriage, the little things are as important as the big things.

The problem is that sometimes, the problem is so little that it is hard to identify without professional intervention. From problems of sexual frustration, to the clashing of personalities or even the extreme cases where affairs are involved, my goal is to objectively provide feedback and analysis in order to save and improve the quality of your relationship. Having completed the University of Guelph Intensive Sex Therapy Training Course, I am more than qualified to provide whatever sex education and treatment that is necessary to help your sex life thrive.

The number to call is    (519) 253-1519. Call now and schedule your appointment, as well as inquire on any other therapy.