Sex Therapy And My Special Credentials

Sex is one of the main ways we have of expressing affection towards another. It satisfies emotionally, psychologically, and physically. The problem is, that this almost natural act isn’t so natural for some. Sex problems commonly arise and due to embarrassment or miseducation, couples sometimes miss out on the rewarding sex life they could be having. Of course, this will then start to affect the other aspects of the relationship.

I can provide you with the support and education you and your partner need to bridge the gaps and make your sex life as healthy and satisfying as possible. You will be surprised at how your relationship will deepen and how you will begin to enjoy each other. Rest assured, discretion plays an important role in the client- therapist relationship and I understand how difficult it may be at first to open up about your sex life. I will work to make you feel very comfortable.

Wendy Limarzi Sex Therapy Credentials

I have completed the University of Guelph Intensive Sex Therapy Training Course. This allows me to provide professional and possibly the most effective sex therapy Windsor residents can expect of among the many therapies available. You want your counsellor to be qualified in this course such as this to be giving you advice on this an important topic. The assessment and checking of your progress is sure to be reviewed and studied intently to ensure the necessary steps are being implemented to improve your relationship, as well as open both parties to be more comfortable with each other.

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