The Significance of Family Therapy

Mending Family Challenges

Family therapy can be critical for uncovering and addressing the challenges to one’s peace of mind. Psychological therapy can be beneficial to resolving issues, preparing the family for major life changes like divorce, or addressing specific obstacles that reduce a family’s overall happiness. At Depression and Relationship Counselling Services, we want to see every family gets the help it needs.

Often, therapy is the best way to get to the root of a problem. Death or illness, divorce, a child with disabilities or an unemployed parent can silently disrupt a family’s sense of community. In a professional’s hand, therapy promotes honest and open communication. It asks patients to consider how elements in their lives are affecting them and their loved ones. We’re not necessarily talking about issues between parents and children. Aunts, grandparents, education, and more can play a part in creating dysfunction.

With family therapy, individuals and groups come together under the counsel of a licence therapist trained to help you do the following:

● Get a better grip on how the family operates;
● Look at and identify family strengths and weaknesses;
● Develop strategies and set goals for resolving issues;
● Understand the importance of communication.

Ultimately, this form of psychological therapy will make the family unit stronger.

The Business of Building Relationships

The challenges of getting along can be strenuous. The family dynamic is constantly morphing. Both children and adults change over time. External factors — drugs, infidelity, death — can alter the way we see each other. Even the simple passing of time can pull a once strong, healthy and happy family in the wrong direction.

Therapy is about addressing the damage and helping to rebuild. Trust that no matter how far you feel your family has gone, it is never too late to bring it back.

The Tenets of Family Therapy

Unity and support — the foundation of family harmony — is also the foundation of therapy. It’s finding the cracks in relationships and mending them.

Therapy can be short- or long-term, but it is always solution-focused. All family members are encouraged to participate and, if necessary, there should be individual sessions to complement family sessions. Depending on goals, this approach can go a long way to discovering deep-rooted issues, giving the therapist a way to incorporate all services and creating a plan that helps everyone.

What You Can Do

From pre-marriage to psychological therapy, the benefits to having an unbiased ear can be immeasurable. At Depression and Relationship Counselling Services, we offer cognitive-behavioural, experiential and psychodynamic practices with an aim to provide useful information and helping to enhance a family’s connection. If you think therapy is something your family should explore, feel free to contact us.